Coming attractions

We’re back, somewhat updated.
First off we decided to leave the swedish behind and keep a more international approach on this blog. So please enjoy, all you non-swedes!

Secondly we are more than thrilled to announce our main attraction for
Doom Service S02E02, straight from the Berlin vaults, we give you –
Subjected & Mørbeck!

As founder of Berlin label ‘Vault Series’ Subjected created an output for his own music as well as for allies Mørbeck and Sawlin. While their focus lies beyond appearances, any information on these masked guys is hard to come by. However, all you really need to know is present in the brooding thump of their industrial techno. No words necessary.

Subjected will deliver a dj-set and Mørbeck is gracing us with a live performance. Get excited with these tastes of their previous work and stay within our frequencies for more info soon!





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